FAQs – All parents / divers should read

Q: Why do I have to pay fees to the Council and to the Bradford Esprit Club?

A: The fees you pay to the Council are only for the weekly training your child receives. The fees payable to the club are to cover the costs associated with entering diving competitions. These are made up from membership of the club, registering each diver with the National Governing Body for Diving (the ASA), Insurance cover…etc. Council training fees are paid monthly, Club fees are paid twice a year and ASA fees are payable annually.

Q: Does my child have to wear a Speedo?

A: This is one of the most asked questions from parents who have boys. The answer is no, Speedo’s are not required. However, it is important that the boy’s Togs be above the knee and the girl’s Tog’s be a one-piece.

Q: I (Or my child) have never dived before – is this o.k.?

A: Of course! Our Diving coaches know how to progress a diver from absolute beginner to advanced and competitive levels; and have a lot of experience doing so.

Q: Do I (or my child) have to jump off the high board?

A: No, we will only ask the diver to go off the high(er) boards when the Coaches have determined that they are ready to do so. However, no one is required to jump from the high board if they don’t want to.

Q: What’s the height of the tallest tower?

A: 5 metres! Our facility consists of diving boards from 1 metre, 3 metres and 5 metres.

Q: How old does the child have to be to join diving?

A: We have divers as young as 7 years of age in our programs. They must be a strong swimmer to be able to dive.

Q: Is it dangerous to dive?

A: When done correctly, diving is a fun and enjoyable sport. However, like any sport, there is risk of injury. We reduce the chance for injury with a warmup before each practice.

Q: How do I know if my child (or I ) have been selected for a competition?

A: You will be notified by email of selection, you can see all the information regarding upcoming competitions on the Competitions section of the website but please not we are often aware of the competitions & have the entry packs BEFORE the divers have been selected. It will clearly state on the page when selection emails have been sent.

Q: I’m not interested in competing, can I still join?

A: As the club receives funding, competitions are an integral part of the programme so you do need to be willing to take part in competitions, these are fun & no-one is ever expected to compete beyond their personal abilities. Diving is a very individual sport so the competitive goals are always to set your own personal bests & beat your own previous results rather than trying to medal in every competition (though medals are always good too!)


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